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Live updates: Winter storm, Buffalo snow and flight cancellation news

A 91-year-old South Carolina man who tried to fix a broken water pipe outside of his home on Christmas day was found dead on Monday, the Anderson County Coroner’s office said in a news release. 

Marvin Eugene Henley, 91, went outside his home around 10 p.m. ET on Christmas day in an attempt to repair “a broken water pipe,” the release said.   

“The victim came back in the residence a short time later and change some of his wet clothes and then went back outside to continue work on the water pipe,” the release said.   

Henley was previously reported missing, according to the release, and was found dead Monday afternoon, around 2:45 p.m. ET.  

The coroner’s office ruled Henley’s death an “accidental death due to cold environmental exposure.”  

Anderson County, South Carolina, counted Henley’s death as the second winter storm-related death, the release said.  

The first winter storm-related death was a man who died on Christmas Eve due to a lack of power in his home, according to a separate news release from the department.  

“It appears that after the power went out, the decedent was attempting to prepare his portable oxygen device when he collapsed,” the release said.  

The unidentified man’s death, “has been ruled a natural death due to underlying medical condition with Winter Storm Elliott as a contributory cause of the death,” the coroner’s office said.  

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