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May 31, 2023 House passes US debt ceiling bill

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy pauses during a news conference at the Capitol on Wednesday night. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Rep. Ken Buck told CNN after the debt limit deal passed the House that conservatives will be having discussions about ousting Speaker Kevin McCarthy “in the next week or two,” although he didn’t commit to following through with that threat.

“The discussion about the motion to vacate is going to happen in the next week or two,” Buck, who opposed the debt limit deal, told reporters Wednesday.

Buck added that he has received calls from constituents about removing McCarthy from the speakership.

“My constituents are furious and you know what’s so interesting about the calls in the district? They are not only ‘vote against this bill,’ but they are ‘take McCarthy out.’ That’s what the calls are coming in,” he said.

Buck emphasized more Democrats voted for the bill in the House than Republicans.

“There has been a reassessment of the coalition. So what happened was conservatives joined with McCarthy to get McCarthy elected. Now Democrats have joined with McCarthy to pass bills,” he said. “So there was a big reassessment of the coalition for power in the House.”

However, pressed on his position on ousting McCarthy, he would not commit to attempting to do so at this point.

“My position is we’re gonna have a discussion. Remember, you got that on there? And I — we are going to have a discussion starting next week,” Buck said.

Asked by CNN if he would trust McCarthy to get them through the appropriations process, as conservative Rep. Ralph Norman suggested, Buck replied: “You trust him for appropriations? Because here’s what happens – no.”

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