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GREG GUTFELD: It’s apparently transphobic to suggest cutting up kids like a Thanksgiving turkey is harmful

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So how do you know when you’re in the middle of some form of hysteria? Well, if people say you’re crazy for pointing it out. You see this now with gender assignment surgery for kids. Proponents claim it’s about the child’s happiness. So how dare you suggest that cutting up kids like a Thanksgiving turkey is harmful. It’s page one of the gaslighting handbook. You’re nuts and not them. But thankfully, this delusion is now eroding. In the UK, a gender identity clinic was shut down after allegedly fast-tracking minors’ gender transitions. A new book claims the facility ignored evidence that 97.5% of the children seeking sex changes had autism, depression, or other problems that might have explained their unhappiness. Because, as we all know, there’s no better treatment for autism, depression and unhappiness than putting your privates in a blender. 

I’m sorry if a child wants to change genders, no doctor should say, ‘Hey, well, you’re the boss.’ That’s like telling an anorexic maybe you do need to lose a few pounds and then handing her diet pills. A whistleblower says children who might not have been trans were treated as collateral damage by clinicians who labeled doubters transphobic. Sorry if 97.5% are collateral damage; you got worse aim than Alec Baldwin. Sometimes kids as young as ten were sent on this path. 

A protester voices support for the promotion of transgender ideology in schools during a pro-transgender march in October 2022. (Mark Kerrison/In Pictures via Getty Images)


I mean, where did these creeps go to med school? Epstein Island? So what happens when all of these abused children grow up into regretful adults? You know, beyond auditioning for the open seat on The View. They should sue the hospitals who forced this stuff on them. 

I mean, you take a surgeon who leaves a sponge in your spleen to court, so why not one who leaves your weenie in a sink? They should pay or it’s going to keep on happening. But whistleblowers are starting to blow their whistles. PE teacher, she has a whistle. Jessica Tapia in California says she was fired for not complying with her school district’s gender policies, citing her Christian faith. Once again, that ol’ pesky old Jesus ruins the party. Apparently, they wanted her to lie to parents about their kids’ gender transitions under their privacy policy. A privacy policy – that’s the perfect wedge between kids and their parents. But since when has someone saying, ‘Hey, don’t tell your parents about our obsession with your genitals?’ Has ever been the good guy? Here’s Jessica. 

JESSICA TAPIA: I also found out unique to my position as a PE teacher that I have to allow. I was told I need to allow trans students into the locker room. That really caught me off guard and I clarified with them – are you telling me I need to let male genitals into the locker room? And they said yes.

Hmm hmm. She lost her job for sounding the alarm. And what of her school district? Well, they say they take employees’ religious beliefs seriously, but also the student’s right to privacy. How bogus. Religious beliefs should matter first. An atheist should be just as disgusted by this phenomenon as any Christian or Muslim, or Scientologist. You don’t need the Bible to tell you this is wrong. Just a 14-year-old daughter with a handlebar mustache. Meanwhile, the Missouri A.G. is probing disturbing whistleblower claims that a transgender clinic harmed hundreds of kids. Jamie Reed is a left-wing self-identified queer woman married to a trans man. I’d love to see the figures on top of that wedding cake. Now this whistleblower is calling out the Washington University Transgender Center at the Saint Louis Children’s Hospital, where she worked as a case manager. 


Reed alleges the staff used experimental drugs on kids, distributing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, and also used these drugs without parental consent. Meaning that if you gave your depressed son steroids to feel like a he-man, they’d arrest you. But your depressed daughter, they’ll pump her full of enough testosterone to make Lance Armstrong’s nut grow back. Sorry, but this stuff would make Himmler blush. Reed also says that this led some kids to attempt suicide in the center [but they] never [stopped] doling out hormones. 


You know, forget about do no harm. They didn’t stop when they knew they were doing harm. Looks like that. Meanwhile, “The View,” says it’s alarmed by the allegations. And they should be because it appears the jig is up. Parents know what they’ve been up to and there’s going to be hell to pay. And that’s one bill they can’t pass on to anyone else. Meanwhile, Reed also has evidence that Missouri unlawfully billed taxpayers to fund all of this. Where do these people get their balls? You know what? I don’t want to know. 

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